Outsourced General Corporate Counsel Service

Strategic Legal Counsel Customized to Your Business’s Requirements

MAH specializes in serving as a firm’s outside General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer for financial services companies. Firms can hire a team to manage the legal and compliance aspects of their business for a fraction of the cost of one full-time employee. We provide strategic advice and legal counsel based on our extensive experience and knowledge of the financial services industry.

We take the time to learn about your immediate legal needs and long-term goals so that we can provide you with practical solutions catered to your business needs, whether you need corporate law counsel on a specific project or currently underway general corporate counsel services.

Trustworthy Experience

MAH’s corporate lawyers have years of knowledge and experience in advising businesses with credible, effective solutions. We have a thorough understanding of the legal and regulatory environment that all sizes of businesses must explore. Until now MAH Advising has represented  $6.5 trillions of assets in the market. 

Serving Clients Across the Country

MAH provides comprehensive legal services to assist you in effectively and efficiently achieving your business goals and addressing the myriad of legal and regulatory issues your company may face. Being a boutique law firm, we offer our clients a unique and personalized experience.

Practice Areas

We offer the following corporate counsel services to business clients:

  • SEC Compliance and Investment Advisory Counsel
  • Broker-Dealer Chief Compliance Officer Services.
  • Corporate formations, including the selection of a business entity (Limited Liability Companies [LLCs],  Limited Partnerships [LPs], Corporations, and so on), the creation of operating agreements or bylaw amendments, as well as other shareholder notifications and relevant corporate documents.
  • Corporate governance advice and counsel for managers and boards of directors
  • Developing and analyzing employment and independent contractor agreements
  • Business transaction negotiations, such as service contracts, technological development agreements, license agreements, purchase and sale agreements, and nondisclosure agreements
  • Developing tailored standard operating procedures
  • Acquisitions and mergers
  • Risk management
  • Intellectual property issues, such as trade secret protection

Dedicated General Counsel

Businesses frequently require specialized corporate counsel to provide guidance on fresh initiatives and legal issues. Some businesses may turn to their in-house attorneys for this advice; however, it is not always cost-efficient or essential to hire somebody to work “in-house” full-time. MAH can help by providing general corporate counsel support for your monthly needs and major business milestones like capital-raising transactions, acquisitions and mergers, and new employee hiring. Our corporate counsel will collaborate with your company to provide tailored solutions for your complex legal needs, whether you need “in-house” counsel services weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

General Counsel Services Offer Critical Assistance

Depending on a firm’s size, complexity, scope, and diversity, there may be a variety of complex legal issues to take into account. It takes knowledge and experience in many legal fields, including contracts, work opportunities, corporate, securities, intellectual property, and privacy concerns, to manage such a broad range of legal and business responsibilities. When you work with MAH, you will have access to a diverse team of professional corporate attorneys who will adeptly perform these essential legal functions for your company.

  • MAH offers a variety of legal support services, including:
  • Creating and modifying strategic business plans
  • Drafting and revising corporate documents
  • General business consulting
  • Employee agreements and onboarding
  • Trade secrets and intellectual property issues
  • Contract analysis and drafting
  • Acquisitions and mergers
  • Enterprise evaluation
  • Corporate governance
  • Discussion with the board of directors
  • Assistance with capital-raising plans
  • Exit strategies and succession planning