Contract Review

Complete Document Drafting And Review Services

MAH Advising, LLC (“MAH”) provides a variety of contract drafting services to assist clients in mitigating risks and effectively managing all kinds of business arrangements. We not only negotiate and compose new contracts or agreements, but we also review and analyze proposed and existing contracts or agreements and other documents to ensure compliance with current regulatory requirements and future protection.

The following are some of the contracts and other documents that we can negotiate, draught, evaluate, or revise:

  • Broker-dealer independent contractor agreements
  • Broker-dealer employment agreements
  • Broker-dealer client contracts
  • Broker-dealer selling agreements
  • Finder’s agreements
  • Investment adviser client contracts
  • Sub-advisory agreements
  • Investment adviser independent contractor agreements
  • Investment adviser employee agreements
  • Solicitor’s agreements and solicitor’s disclosure document
  • Third-party service provider contracts
  • Nondisclosure agreements
  • Qualified investor subscription agreements
  • Limited liability agreements
  • Operating agreements
  • Asset and stock purchase agreements
  • Distribution and franchise agreements