Family Office Counsel

Advice Regarding SEC Regulations Regulating Family Office Services

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires certain advisers providing family office counsel services to register as investment advisers if specific exclusions are not met under the Dodd-Frank Act, which was passed on July 21, 2010. Persons who manage money for high-asset families or provide financial advice may be required to register under the new SEC guidelines. Many family office service advisers were previously exempt from registration if they offered advice to fewer than 15 clients before the Dodd-Frank Act. Nevertheless, in order to allow for more extensive regulatory oversight, this exemption has been repealed.

The securities attorneys and other team at MAH Advising, LLC (“MAH”) can answer your inquiries and walk you through the SEC rules that apply to family office services. We will examine your situation to determine whether you are exempt from registration or must register as an investment adviser with the SEC. Our company will take into account, among many other things, the services offered, for whom, and whether you are advertising your services.

We will investigate the particulars of your situation in order to provide you with precise and thorough advice. Our lawyers can help with all Form ADV filings and ongoing corporate counsel on family office regulatory compliance requirements if registration is necessary.

Our attorneys can help your family office by doing the following:

  • Creating your advisory contracts
  • Developing and sustaining compliance programs
  • Create written policies, procedures, and internal controls
  • AML, BCP, and Reg S-P programme testing
  • Assessing the ERISA compliance requirements
  • Conducting Advertising Evaluations